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Charles Adi

Financial Adviser and Founder, Blueprint 360
Chapter: Houston

After launching his own financial advisement firm, Charles Adi is focusing on a mini bucket list centered around personal and professional growth.


When I launched my firm, Blueprint 360, last year, I realized a dream that I have been working toward since entering the industry almost 10 years ago. Starting a business is not easy, and this accomplishment did not come without personal sacrifice. I made those sacrifices then, setting aside many of my own personal desires, to dedicate myself to my clients and practice. As I enter 2019, I’m now choosing me! To celebrate my 35th birthday, I created a mini bucket list—35 things I have put off over the years.

The list ranges from the practical to the aspirational. It includes activities such as exploring a foreign country with old college buddies, riding a bike 150 miles in support of a charity, getting featured in a national publication, jumping out of a plane, mentoring a kid, and even competing in a bodybuilding competition … well, that is if I can avoid candy long enough to train!

Whether I finish all 35 things or not, I look forward to ending this year with the satisfaction of knowing I took time and focused on my personal growth.

Beyond those pursuits, I’m looking forward to extending the discussion of inclusion in the Journal of Financial Planning’s inaugural Diversity issue. Although there is no guarantee my submission will be accepted, I am excited for the opportunity to share my experiences and showcase some of the learnings I’ve taken from my clients’ financial transformations.

Between travel, fitness and my business pursuits, 2019 has the makings of a productive year. But will I deliver? Follow me on Instagram @theblueprint_360 to see how I’m making 2019 my year!