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Peter Gaertner, CFP®, CDFA®, MBA

Financial Planner, Affinity Wealth Management, LLC
Chapter: Philadelphia Tri-State Area

After starting his career in private banking, Peter Gaertner, CFP®, decided to become a financial planner to make a difference in his community and help people live their best life possible.


What does it mean to live your best life possible?

I grew up in Berlin, Germany, and experienced living in the United States for the first time during a high school exchange year. I wanted to combine a university education with the challenge of playing college football (American football, not soccer … and you guessed it, I was the place kicker). I recall multiple coaches along the way who believed in me, sacrificed their time for me, shared their knowledge and helped set me up for success on and off the field. They made all the difference in the world!

In my job as a financial planner, I am making a difference in my clients’ worlds by navigating them through life transitions and helping solve their unique challenges. That, in turn, has allowed my family to live our best life possible.

My wife recently left her career as a nurse to spend time with our baby daughter at home. It was something she desperately longed for when we raised our two boys, who are now in school. We are both thrilled about the balance it has already brought back into our lives and allows for me to be even more involved in the community.

At the same time, this change has allowed for me to not only make an additional impact on my clients, but also to try to leave an impression by educating and inspiring individuals in all aspects of life for years to come. When I am not working with my clients toward their financial goals or staying on top of current industry trends and updates (the FPA Annual Conference has consistently been one of my favorites), you might just find me on the campus of my alma mater, Delaware State University, lecturing students or student athletes on the importance of retirement and estate planning, or sharing financial lessons and experiences with inmates at local correctional institutions.

I have been very fortunate and blessed with the opportunities that have been given to me throughout the years and am constantly looking for ways to positively impact someone else’s business and future. 2019 is MY year, MY time to give back! And the best part about it: I am just getting started!